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for using the website and online store:

Using this site and registering an order through it, is considered to be compliance with the specified conditions. If you DO NOT ACCEPT these terms, please, do not use this website. DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. reserves the right to change the conditions at any time, without prior notice, as the changed conditions will be published on the site.

  1. general terms
  • Wood House Online Store "" is an e-commerce website - for sale and delivery of the goods published on it, on behalf of DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd.
  • The publication of this site makes sense of a public invitation to conclude a commercial transaction for the purchase of items online (online) from DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd.
  • DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. (Wood House Online Store ) through "" has the right to change the prices of goods offered at its discretion, without prior notice. The consumer is obliged to pay the price, which was current at the time of ordering the desired product.
  • The contract with the Client is considered concluded after acceptance by DIMAX GROUP 2016 EOOD through “” of the purchase application filled in correctly by the Client in the order process.
  • DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. through "" is obliged after receiving an application from the Client, to deliver the desired product or to inform the Customer about others. circumstances, regarding his request.
  • DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. is not responsible, if the Client has indicated incorrect and / or incomplete data in an order placed at “”.
  • DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. does not guarantee full compliance of the items presented on the site with these, available in the store network.
  • DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. is not responsible for inaccuracies in the information published on the site. Price adjustments in stores are possible, as well as a change in product design.
  • The information on dimensions and correspondences published on the site should be interpreted as indicative. DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. allows the existence of discrepancies between the declared and actual sizes, for which he is not responsible.
  • Adding a product to the cart does not reserve the product and it is possible that this product will be exhausted by the end of the order. Order confirmation message only (ie. order status: “Confirmed, the processing”) guarantees the delivery of the product.
  • All announced prices are in Bulgarian levs with VAT included.

The goods are delivered properly packed, according to its type and transport for delivery.
When handing over the goods, The client or a third party signs the accompanying documents. Everyone is considered a third party, who is not the holder of the application, but accepts the goods for delivery and is at the address specified by the customer. Delivery may be in parts, for which the Client will be notified in a timely manner.
In case, that the Customer is not found within the deadline for delivery to the specified address or access and conditions for delivery of the goods are not provided within this period, DIMAX GROUP 2016 EOOD is released from its obligation to deliver the goods ordered for purchase. The customer can confirm his desire to receive the goods after the delivery deadline, in which it was not found at the address, by bearing all delivery costs. In this case, a new delivery period starts to run from the moment of confirmation.
The customer has the right to refuse to receive the goods ordered for purchase, when it is delivered to him under one of the following conditions:

  • the delivered goods obviously do not correspond to the one ordered for purchase by the Client and this can be established through its ordinary inspection..
  • the price, which the Client should pay, does not correspond to the due price.
  • in case of discrepancy between the ordered for purchase and the delivered goods, which could not be established at the time of delivery.

In case of discrepancy between the ordered for purchase and the delivered goods, the Customer has the right to request replacement of size or item, appearing in his original order. In this case, it is necessary to state his desire, in writing (by email) or orally (on the phone), in a period not longer than 14 working days at the address Plovdiv, st. Ostromila 18, Internet shop.

  • the request for return of the goods was submitted in writing to the GROUP specified by DIMAX 2016 Ltd. e-mail address for correspondence, in a period not longer than 14 working days, as of the date of receipt of the order. The application must contain the client's personal bank account, to be refunded the amount paid by the customer for the goods;
  • the goods are in good commercial condition, original packaging, with original labels, accompanied by the original documents, issued by DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. - invoice, cash receipt, warranty card (if issued);
  • the client agrees with a representative of DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. address, on which DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. wants to get back the goods;
  • according to the provisions of the CPA, DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. refunds the amount paid to the client within 14 days from the date, on which the customer has exercised his right to return the goods.

DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. reserves the right not to refund the amount paid by the client, in case of violation of one or more conditions for return of goods.
When refunding, paid by cash on delivery it is necessary to have an identity between the person ordering the goods and the returning goods, no matter who got it. It is the ordering and returning person who will get the money back, which he paid by cash on delivery. If the customer is a child, the money is returned to the account of the child or his legal representative – mother, father, or guardian. For this purpose it is necessary to present a Birth Certificate or a Decision on the appointment of a guardian.
All disputes between the parties shall be settled in a spirit of understanding and goodwill. In case, that no agreement is reached, all unresolved disputes, arising from or relating to the contract between the parties, including disputes, arising from or relating to its interpretation, invalidity, execution or termination, as well as disputes over filling in gaps in the contract or adapting it to new circumstances, will be resolved first through the CPC (Consumer Protection Commission) and only when this is not possible by the competent court for registration of DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. in accordance with Bulgarian legislation. For more information please, visit the website of the Consumer Protection Commission here: KZP or the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution website: ORS
The guarantee is void in the event of:

  1. Injuries, the reason for which is poor transport, storage or improper use.
  2. Attempt to repair by the Client and / or other unauthorized person.
  3. When using low-quality and non-original consumables.
  1. DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. is not responsible for damage to the goods, as a result of force majeure circumstances. If you do not accept the terms, please, do not use the site!
  • when you want to receive our newsletter with promotions and special offers - in case you want to receive our newsletter, we need you to provide us with your email address.
  • when you send us a letter through the contact form - when you write to us through our website, you need to provide a contact name and email, so that we can contact you. If you share other personal information in the text of your inquiry, we will process this information, as necessary, to answer the questions, which you have set for us.
  1. When you create your personal profile on our website - when you want to register as a customer in our online store, we collect your two names, e-mail address, telephone and contact address.
    When you buy a product in our online store – we further process the following categories of personal data:
  • Name and surname;
  • contact telephone number;
  • shipping address;
  • desired delivery date and time, if any
  1. Others:
  • If an incorrect or wrong address is specified, contact person and / or telephone number when submitting the application DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. through "" is not bound by any obligation to fulfill the order.
  • The products ordered through the site are accompanied by an inventory of a receipt or invoice (if requested at the end of the order).
  • Deliveries are made only to addresses in the territory of R.. Bulgaria. Delivery outside the country is possible in advance by agreeing on the price of delivery.
  • Delivery of items, to addresses on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria is fixed:
    • to the office of the courier company – 5 Levs.
    • to the Buyer's address – 7 Levs.
    • free – when ordering over 50 Levs.
  • The deadline for order processing is up to 3 working days (except in cases, in which the page of the product itself states a longer period or during the campaign, when the term for processing and delivery by courier is announced in the explanations to the cart). This deadline must also be taken into account 1 or 2 days for courier service, unless the courier (SPEED/ECONT) have not announced a longer deadline.
  • Orders placed on Friday (after 16:00 o'clock), Saturday and Sunday start to be processed from the first working day.
  • Confirmation of the order is done only electronically – follow your e-mail for information on the status and movement of the order.
  • It is possible that the order will be split on 2 or more deliveries, if the ordered items are not available in the same warehouse, but charging in cases, in which the delivery price is due, is only once.
  • The courier company, with whom we work is SPIDI/ECONT (delivery to office or address).
  1. Rights and obligations of the parties
  2. DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. undertakes:
  • to confirm the availability of the ordered items or to refuse the order within 4 working days;
  • to deliver within the term provided in the information for delivery and payment of goods the goods ordered for purchase; In case of promotions, the delivery time may be extended, but not more than 14 working days.
  • before sending each item is checked for technical condition (if this is possible, without compromising the integrity of the packaging);
  • guarantees, that all products are brand new (unused!) and for the printing manufacturer, except in cases, in which the contrary is explicitly mentioned in the presentation of the goods on the site.
  1. The client is obliged:
  • to indicate his three names, accurate and valid phone, delivery address and email address;
  • to pay the price of the goods according to the conditions described in the information for delivery and payment of goods;
  • to pay the delivery costs according to the conditions described in the information for delivery and payment of goods
  • to provide access and opportunity to receive the goods.

The goods ordered for purchase are delivered to the delivery address indicated by the Customer, on time, specified in the information for delivery and payment of goods.

  1. Right of return:
  • The client is entitled to a term not longer than 14 working days from receipt of delivery, without due compensation or penalty and without stating a reason, to return some or all of the received items. See the return procedure in section Order cancellation

III. Responsibility

  • DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. through "" is not responsible for failure to fulfill its obligations under this contract in the event of circumstances, which DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. through "" did not foresee and was not obliged to foresee - incl. ,but not only, cases of force majeure, random events, problems in the global Internet and in the provision of services beyond the control of DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. through "".
  1. Arbitration
  2. Warranty:
  3. In the presence of a factory defect of an item from the category of toys, company DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. replaces it with an upright one, and if the same product is not available - with a similar one or returns to the customer the price paid for the product and delivery.
  4. For the items, for which a warranty period is specified during operation, company DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. undertakes to eliminate the defect within 30 days from the presentation of the product for complaint. The customer is obliged to present a receipt or invoice for the purchase of the item from the online store of WoodHouse.
  5. Except for obligations, described above, DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. cannot be held liable for direct, indirect, special, accidental or subsequent damage, whether based on contract, damage resulting from the omission of an official or any other legal theory and whether the possibility of such damage is presumed.
  6. Warranty Limitations

VII. Additional conditions:

VIII. Product prices

The prices of the products in the physical stores may differ from those, listed on the site. Some promotions may be valid only for the site or only for certain physical stores. Please, carefully read the description of the promotion in the News section, and you can also see it by hovering your mouse over the name of the promotion on the product page (ie. after clicking on the product photo). Discounts from various promotions cannot be imposed, discount cards, taloni and others.


IN DIMAX GROUP 2016 Ltd. we take care of the security of your personal data and we have taken the necessary measures, to bring the activities of all our stores and employees in line with the best practices and legal requirements for the protection of information and its confidentiality. When we collect personal data of our customers, we follow the principle of minimizing the processed data, legality, transparency and security.

See all about our privacy policy in the section protection of personal data