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About us

Wood House is a family business, in the heart of the Rhodope Mountains – the village of Pavelsko, which started its activity before 5 years with the production of wood products, including in particular park and garden furniture such as benches, tables, arbours, sheds and pergolas.

Another part of the activity consists in the construction of houses of wooden prefabricated structures.

Our team works on individual projects, aiming to transform the look of the rural yard, the city park, the playground or the garden in front of the block.

Choose different

We believe, that quality product is a combination of many features, which complement each other in a perfect harmony. That is why we can safely say, that our wooden products are just such an example. This is due to their :

  • beauty - The beautiful and charming appearance of wooden products will instantly attract your attention, and the combination of cozy and modern style will make you fall in love.

  • Individuality – our models are made by a special technology of turning wood, in which the final effect of the cylindrical shapes is obtained, which are very characteristic of the Scandinavian style. We work on an individual project of the client and we aim for a product without analogue.

  • ecology – Wood is absolutely harmless natural material. We try to treat it with high quality organic oils. In addition, we take care of the raw material by closing the production cycle with our tree planting campaign. – Wood House Eco Family.
    • Our goal is to restore what we have taken from nature with the help of our customers, to turn into a socially responsible family, without further engaging their efforts and time.
    • You wonder how this will happen? It's our idea, to separate for each purchased product 10% from the purchase price and the funds raised to invest in planting trees, each client will receive a certificate with a QR code and a unique number, through which to see your planted tree on the interactive map of the site, because caring for nature, means caring for people.

  • longevity – a well-designed and assembled wooden product, incl. bench, mass, gazebo or shed, will last for centuries. There are wooden houses, which are more than 200 years, and modern, unique materials, we use Woodwork, significantly extend the service life.

We at Wood House love their work and are ready to transcend your expectations, because your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit!