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Production of pellets

Construction of a line for production of green pellets

Our longstanding goal of a line for production of green pellets is about to take place after the end of July 2018 year WoodHouse submit documents for participation in the European project th measure 8.6 “INVESTMENT IN TECHNOLOGY FOR FORESTRY AND PROCESSING, MOBILIZATION AND TRADE OF FOREST PRODUCTS”. Our project proposal was to build a line for production of eco pellet capacity 1,5 tons per hour, including machine peeling bark of the tree to achieve maximum quality in production. After preliminary assessment completed, SFA made the following publication:

Once received and processed object by the MA of the RDP, completed the last stage of preliminary ranking of project proposals, submitted through the "MIS 2020" by the announced procedure by selecting № BG06RDNP001-8.001. each candidate, who has filed an objection can check requested and awarded by the Paying Agency points, in each selection criterion, following the opinion of the Managing Authority of the RDP.

In preliminary assessment "Agriculture" - RA adhered strictly to the approved application guidelines of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, and decisions taken by the committee to deal with objections, appointed pursuant to art. 9at, but. 5 by LSAP.

Project proposals evaluated by no less than 85 points selection criteria, representing 118 % from the budget, determined by Order № RD 09-397 from 25.04.2018 city, increased with the stated grant project proposals, received the same number of points will be allocated for assessment of administrative compliance and eligibility, technical and financial evaluation and issuance of an assessment report.

WoodHouse won 90 score, What qualify for the receipt of a European subsidy. It SFA to check the technical and financial documentation, then will proceed to the implementation of the project proposal.

Expect more news on our website.

WoodHouse team wishes you a good day!

Desislava Stoyanova

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