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Are you looking for quality and affordable construction services for your next project?

Why Choose Us?

Own production

We produce wooden houses of their own dried Cylindrical logs, who very rarely made in Bulgaria. Always ensure the quality and safety of our products.

No intermediaries

Always we work directly with the client, without resorting to intermediaries. this allows, on the one hand, To reduce your costs, the other - to identify more accurately all your requirements and desires.

Designing for client

Although we have prepared schemes to build a house, customer feedback is paramount to us. And so each project is created for each customer.

For years we market

The company is on the market for years, at the outset we imported materials from Russia, but we already have modern and well equipped factory. from 2 years produce everything ourselves. Within that time we have built many houses, each of which has become a safe and comfortable home for satisfied customers.

Quality guarantee

Thanks to our experts, we guarantee high quality of manufactured materials, and our team of experienced carpenters, build houses and gazebos with professionalism.

Years on the market
finished project
new design
Satisfied customers

Design of houses and arbors

The first steps for preparing your home. We will assist you with everything you need to achieve your dream home, house or gazebo. We will comply with all requirements and desires and will prepare the perfect project for you.

Manufacturing and construction

This is the next step after preparing your project and an agreement. It takes more time, but we will try everything happens on schedule and achieve not only the shortest period, but the highest quality.

Production of parts and lumber

It is important to note, we offer sale of sawn timber and details, processed under strict control and monitor their quality.

Production of pellets

Our pursuit of maximum production efficiency led us to the idea of ​​producing pellets 100% softwood, whose quality is increased due to the removal of bark from the tree. To realize this idea, Apply a European program – measure 8.6 co-financing and expect approval next year.

Latest Projects


1. Connect with our representative, whose details can be found on site.
2. You will receive detailed information on, that interest you.
3. We can meet at a convenient time for you.
4. Will share their views and requirements on the desired project.
5. We will prepare an offer.
6. Upon approval we start work.


1. Project development and delivery of offer.
2. Preparing package documentation and obtaining the necessary permits.
3. Production of materials needed.
4. Installation based on a prepared concrete pedestal you.
5. Construction of walls, the floors and the roof structure.
6. Thermal insulation and engineering communications (electricity, Water and Plumbing installation, Heating and others.)
7. Finishing works, installation of windows and doors;